Sales Development

This is a wide-ranging subject.  But areas must focused for individuals and, above all, businesses to have the greatest benefit.  CSM strives to listen first and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business and, importantly your present team.  This can, of course, be readily adapted such as to mentor new staff and to be part of a pro-active growth plan.  Areas covered include the following:

  1. Time Management and how key members of your team might get more a productive return from their efforts.
  2. Questioning techniques; this is something even experienced sales people overlook. Opportunities can readily be harvested if your team are using well understood open and also closed questions and, most importantly, individuals need to know when each is appropriate.
  3. Benefits; there will be a host of features and benefits that are relevant to your products and services. All too often your staff’s familiarity does not translate to explaining them well.
  4. Investments; whether it is time, money, infrastructure or a particular piece of plant, once you have spent money developing your company it may be appropriate that we focus on how you may best see a return on this.
  5. Closing the sale; sales people regularly do not seek business at the right time and also do not do this in the best possible manner. Time spent in this area can be immediately productive.
  6. Admin; at CSM we like to call this “the back office” and it is critical if your business is to collate results and manage performance so as to be certain that all of the opportunities that are available to your business are harvested.

At CSM we would seek to agree a programme of development for your business which mirrors the aspirations and goals discussed at the outset of our involvement.  To book a free consultation, please just give us a call.

Award winning sales presentation has a right time and place, whether it is pitching a product, service or a business when seeking further investment from banks and investors.  The same applied to an attempt to sell the whole business.   We specialise in the preparation of pre-formatted presentations, many of which are available in outline to be adapted to your needs.

The growth of your business will be most readily secured with attention to customer service.  In this area, CSM can take time out to discuss with your key team members the importance of listening to your customers and, if need be, handling complaints.  In this regard, a team building exercise may be something to consider as well as a concise look at the back office decision making process.

Having agreed what focus sales development in your business is to have, it will be important to re-set achievable targets and raise the bar.  Possibly the greatest catalyst of all might be to announce a new bonus scheme and rewards package for staff.  Give them a stake in the business.

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