Selling a Business

CSM brings a huge amount of real personal experience to selling a business.  We specialise in advising shareholders of privately owned companies to both prepare and execute their exit strategy.  We can bring highly relevant expertise to the table and, all importantly, introduce our corporate finance and legal partners such that an optimum exit deal can be reached.  Many owners have wondered “How much is my business worth?”.  It is only possible to discover how much a business might sell for after, first, understanding the competition and considering who the best buyers might be.  In all likelihood, selling your company is one of the most important business deals of your life.  There are few short cuts, people make a great many avoidable mistakes.  A consultation with CSM offers a unique insight into some of these.  We can share with you how resources can be structured so as to provide a dedicated team each step of the way.  Importantly, we can give advice early on so as to heighten confidentiality and we can work with you so that your financials are presented in the very best way so that you can maximise your return.

Small business owners often overlook the distraction that the sale process can represent. At CSM we will create a strategy with you that protects your business going forward, builds incremental value and, importantly makes sure the growth is not interrupted or compromised should, for any reason, a sale not proceed.  We can also share a lot of personal experience with you relating to incremental value through multiples and the smart way to structure the presentation of the sale of your assets.  After carefully evaluating your options, should an exit strategy emerge, we can put a formidable a team of professionals together so that both your financial and legal considerations are guided by professionals who really know what they are doing.

Please note that CSM is equally able to assist with due diligence and negotiations if you are looking to buy a business.  We welcome your contact with us to discuss your specific requirements.

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